AO Smith Water Heater Services near Milwaukee

AO Smith Water Heater Installation

AO Smith is the water heater manufacturer in largest North America. AO Smith focuses on innovative and sustainable solutions for water heating. Clear Flo’s professional plumbers can expertly install reliable name brand water heaters like AO Smith into your Wisconsin home or business. In fact, if you’re wondering which AO Smith model is right for you, our technicians can help you decide.

AO Smith Water Heater Warranty

The length of an AO Smith warranty depends on the water heater’s age, type and model. With regular maintenance, a water heater can last beyond the warranty period. Certain water heater problems may not be covered by the warranty, such as not getting enough hot water, strange noises or unpleasant odors. If you’re dealing with any of these issues, contact one of Clear Flo’s plumbers for excellent service! Visit the AO Smith website to calculate your water heater model’s warranty or see what it covers.

Install an AO Smith


AO Smith Water Heater Repair

Consistent professional maintenance can keep you from being surprised by more serious issues. If you ever find yourself needing water heater repairs for venting issues, a pilot light that keeps going out or leaks, contact one of Clear Flo’s expert plumbers. We specialize in hot water heaters and can quickly find a solution to your water heater problems.

AO Smith Water Heater Replacement

Sometimes constant repairs are no longer worth the cost. Clear Flo Plumbing can replace your aging water heater with a new AO Smith unit, saving you time, money and headaches. Don’t gamble on your next shower or laundry session.

AO Smith Water Heaters Available near Milwaukee

AO Smith offers a wide variety of high-efficiency water heaters including:

  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Solar water heaters
  • Condensing water heaters
  • Indirect water heaters

Water Heater Rental

Save even more time and energy by renting a water heater instead. Clear Flo Plumbing offers Bradford White water heaters to rent in a variety of types and sizes for Wisconsin homes and businesses. For only $25 a month, you can have all the hot water you need along with free installation and 24/7 maintenance and repair services. People all over the country are making the switch to more affordable access to hot water.

Rent a Water Heater

Contact Clear Flo Plumbing today to buy, repair or replace an AO Smith water heater for your Wisconsin home or business.

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