Kenmore Water Heater Maintenance & Installation in Milwaukee

If you don’t know, now you know: Kenmore brand water heaters are made by AO Smith, one of the largest state's industries and sold exclusively through Sears. They may have a monopoly on selling, but you can always get a third party plumber to install, repair and maintain your Kenmore water heater at lower costs than those big box stores. Clear Flo offers 5-star service, 24/7 emergency repairs, and that great Wisconsin touch to all of our service jobs. Schedule a repair or estimate on other services today. If you're in need of immediate replacement, check out our affordable alternative water heater options:

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Types of Kenmore water heaters

There’s a lot of water heaters out there and to find the best, you should know what your home needs (every home is different!). Kenmore offers a pretty comprehensive line of hot water heaters, including:

  • 50-gallon hybrid water heaters
  • 50 gallon, 6-year tall gas water heaters
  • Natural gas water heaters from 40 to 74 gallons
  • 40-50 gallon electric water heaters

And more! If you’ve got any Kenmore unit and it’s just not producing the hot water you need, then contact Clear Flo to schedule a repair appointment.

Repair & installation services in the greater Milwaukee area

Clear Flo repairs water heaters around Milwaukee and just beyond. We work to ensure all water heater units (yes, you too Kenmore) get the services they need to keep bringing hot water on these cold days. We drive to you if you’re in:

Get in touch for affordable, 5-start water heater repairs in your area today. 

Emergency water heater replacement

If you’re in a rush to replace your hot water heater but aren’t financially ready for the immediate commitment, or you’re just really sick of your Kenmore water heater breaking, then get in touch to discuss our water heater rental options. We offer one of the best brands in the nation, Bradford White Hot Water Heaters, and an extensive list of benefits, including:

  • Priority 24/7 Emergency Repairs – be first in our queue no matter what!
  • Free installation
  • Hassle-free replacement

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