24/7 Repair & Maintenance on Water Heater Rentals

Never Worry About Maintenance Costs Or Unexpected Repairs Again Water Heater Rentals Free repairs and maintenance services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield,

We’ve all had those days where there’s nothing we need more than a hot shower, only to find ourselves standing around waiting 10 minutes for the water to heat up, eventually taking a disappointing lukewarm shower that feels even colder than it is. Our team at Clear Flo Plumbing knows that pain. We also know that regular maintenance and fast response time for repairs is paramount to keeping your water hot when you need it. That’s why Clear Flo Plumbing’s water heater rental comes with our 24/7 repair and maintenance service.

At only $25 a month, and you get:

Most common water heater repairs range from $200 - $850. Water heater service fees to prevent repairs are a double-edged sword; they can add up fast, but the less you spend to maintain your water heater, the shorter its life will be before needing an even more expensive replacement. Renting a water heater from Clear Flo Plumbing comes with 24/7 repair and maintenance availability absolutely free. Through yearly service, we stay on top of your water heater’s maintenance so you’re never surprised by unexpected repairs or replacements, or even worse, a cold shower! 

We offer rentals and repairs for the biggest names in water heaters, including AO Smith, Rheem, and Bradford White water heater repair

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