Water Heater Rental Means Lower Cost and Less Hassle


Estimated $3600 on average including:

  • Initial investment
  • Installation costs
  • Maintenance costs


One monthly $25 payment covers:

  • FREE installation
  • FREE 24/7 repairs
  • FREE Maintenance

Buying Vs. Renting: Follow the Money

As their cost to rise and their reliability continues to fall, renting a water heater becomes an increasingly economical option. Buying a water heater subjects you to more costs than just the pricetag of the unit. Once you own it you're on the hook for installation and repair. Additionally you'll have to pay for regular maintenance, which hot water heaters need to live up to their full life-expectancy. As the industry stands right now, hot water heaters are becoming more expensive and less durable. 

When you rent from Clear Flo, we take care of that for you. For $25 a month we will install, maintain and repair your unit as needed. No surprise charges, no unexpected repair expenses, no worrying about scheduled maintenance.

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Quality brands for one low monthly cost

Access to trusted name-brand hot water heaters doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. For one monthly payment Clear Flo can install brands like:

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