Clear Flo Makes Short Work of Hot Water Heater Leaks

Regular Water Heater Service from Clear Flo Plumbing Keeps Basements Dry

Just like a car a water heater requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and get the most life out of it as possible. Many water heaters are rated to last 8-12 years, but that figure only applies if the unit gets serviced yearly. At Clear Flo Plumbing we know one of the most disappointing experiences as a homeowner is going down to your basement, only to find a giant puddle of water. If you discover your hot water heater turning your basement into a swamp get Clear Flo Plumbing on the phone.

At best a leaky water heater can cause an insufficient supply of hot water, at worst it can result in property damage, mold and increased energy bills as your heater struggles to reheat the continually draining tank.

Whether your water heater is knee-deep in water, or dripping a little from the overflow pipe, we have the experience to get your unit running at peak efficiency again.

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Contact Clear Flo Plumbing If Your Hot Water Heater is

  • Leaking from the drain valve
  • Leaking from the relief Valve
  • Leaking from the overflow Pipe
  • Leaking from the bottom element
  • Leaking from the thermostat
  • Leaking from the tank

Yearly Service Prevents Leaks

The best way to prevent water heater leaks is to get them serviced regularly. Many water heaters are rated to last 8-12 years, but that figure is dependent on yearly maintenance and upkeep. Just like a car, a water heater can fall into disrepair if neglected. Clear Flo Plumbing keeps your water heater free from buildup and scaling that can cause leaks, as well as service your heater’s mechanical components to keep your house dry and your showers hot.

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