Pilot Light Replacement & Repair for Milwaukee Area Residents

Reignite Your Water Heater Pilot Light with Clear Flo

You’re getting ready to wash the dishes when you notice that the water is running cold. When you check your gas water heater, the pilot light is out. It’s possible that the heater ran out of propane. Other possible causes include:

  • A dirty thermocouple
  • A bent or broken thermocouple
  • A dirty pilot tube
  • Strong drafts

Turn off the gas if the valve hasn’t shut off automatically. Pilot lights do not create carbon monoxide, but the natural gas they use can cause sickness. Do not attempt to relight the pilot right away— wait at least three minutes. If you're not comfortable with relighting the pilot yourself, call a professional.

Reignite my water heater

Clear Flo offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services for dangerous or timely hot water heater problems. If your pilot light goes out often, is hard to relight, or burns yellow instead of blue, contact Clear Flo’s plumbers for help with your water heater.

Yearly Maintenance Ensures Reliable Water Heating

Water heaters can last 8-12 years with regular upkeep and maintenance. Avoid the shock of icy cold water with yearly maintenance from Clear Flo’s plumbers. We serve customers throughout southeast Wisconsin with quality installation, rental, and repair services.

Stress-Free Water Heater Rental with Clear Flo

If your water heater repair battles (and bills) are starting to add up, there is a way out. Clear Flo offers gas and electric Bradford White water heaters to rent for only $25 a month with free installation, 24/7 maintenance and replacement included and no hidden fees. Never worry about a stubborn pilot light again!

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